Leveraging Virtual Care for MAT: Best Practices to Improve Access to Care for Substance Use Disorders

April 26, 12:00-1:00 p.m. CT

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Having an MAT program is essential for community clinics delivering behavioral health services -- especially for CCBHCs required to deliver services for patients experiencing substance use disorders. However, standing up the program in the face of behavioral health provider shortages is no easy task.

That’s where leveraging virtual care comes in to not only ensure access to life-saving services but also enable your organization to deliver long-term, high-quality care for patients seeking addiction treatment.

In this live webinar, our panel of clinic leaders and expert behavioral health providers specializing in virtual MAT services will share their insights and knowledge around optimizing care delivery for patients experiencing substance use disorders.

What you'll hear

  • Best practices for leveraging virtual care to enable effective MAT services.
  • The key challenges and priorities for delivering care to patients experiencing substance use disorders.
  • A look at both building MAT services and growing and maintaining services using a strategic virtual behavioral health partner.
  • Q&A

Iris Telehealth is proud to support healthcare organizations across the country with MAT services. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve been dedicated to ensuring community healthcare organizations never have to worry about having access to exceptional providers who can deliver high-quality, long-term care to their patient populations.

Our panelists

  • Dr. Tom Milam, Chief Medical Officer at Iris Telehealth
  • Dale McQueeney, Iris PMHNP and Addictions and Mental Health Services Specialist
  • Beth Engelhorn, Executive Director at Southside Behavioral Health